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Auto Staff Recruitment is Your Scope on Human Capital
Auto Staff Recruitment is backed up with over 20 years of experience and from that, we have amassed an ever expanding database of candidates exclusively from the automotive industry. We are also fortunate enough to have a broad client base of some of the most well-known brands in the motor industry not only nationally, but internationally too.

Our success is firmly planted on the foundation of a deep-seated knowledge of the industry we serve.

We are a specialist consultancy. Note the word "specialist". We do not use it casually as it indicates that we work exclusively with automotive industry related clients, no others.

Why is there a need for a niché market recruitment consultancy?
Excellent question! Unfortunately, the recruitment industry is seen as a necessary evil, but that is because not all people understand how it works properly. All they see is the cost as an extra burden and they also lack knowledge of how the automotive industry works.

We want that to change because from our experience, we know how it works so we'll be able to provide you with a specialised service that will work for you, so we’ll be seen as a necessary business partner instead.

Our knowledge helps us understand the automotive industry's resources and needs so we can improve the quality and efficiency of your staff selection process and as an example of how broad our candidate database is, we are be given a job brief by a client and frequently fill the position without even having to advertise for it.

Everyone seems to think that we only deal with people selling or manufacturing cars, trucks, bakkies etc but that is not so.

In every vehicle there has to be a certain amount of engineering.
In every Head Office there is a legal department.
So many departments right across the board whether it's a Head Office, manufacturers of parts for vehicles, people selling parts, tyre manufacturers.

Think about it! Anything! Anyone! You name it, we can find the person you are looking for.

So please call us, we CAN help, and we are only a phone call or e-mail away.

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